Epcot Resort Area Recommendations

We are looking at staying at Beach Club Villas for a trip in December for the ability to walk to two parks and the great pool, but aren’t too familiar with the rest of the Y&B/Boardwalk area (except the Trattoria al Forno breakfast!).

Where do you like to eat in that area? Are there any good mobile order places? Any fun things to do or check out during downtime between park visits?


ETA: Are there any trading pin boards in the area?

I’ve stayed at both BCV and YC.

The bar at the Yacht Club is fantastic for a snack and a cocktail.

The quick service dining in both hotels is meh - it’s part of their marketplace stores and not a separate thing.

My favorite place to eat in the area is Epcot. :slight_smile: We first started staying at BC/YC because we stayed at AoA on our previous trip and I could not eat at the food court one more time. My TA sold me on the fact that we could eat literally anywhere in the world if we stayed at BC/YC!

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So true! Staying so close, we may be able to get away with an Epcot visit without bags for a quick bite at some of the festival booths, which would be so fun that time of year.

I honestly can’t say enough about how much I enjoy the convenience of being so close.

When we have stayed at BCV, we stayed in a one bedroom villa and had a full kitchen. So we bought frozen pizzas, lasagna, and hamburgers and “made” dinner in our rooms a few times. I am also a fan of eating breakfast in your room (regardless of having a kitchen or not!)

One day, we had a full day at MK, went back to the hotel and made dinner, then went out to Epcot to enjoy evening EMH.

My daughter and I also decided another evening at 8 pm to walk over to Epcot, ride Mission Space, and come back!


Last December, we enjoyed checking out the gingerbread carousel at Beach Club and the gingerbread Boardwalk at the Boardwalk. We spent a lot of time looking for hidden Mickey’s on the gingerbread structures. We also spent hours mesmerized by the miniature town with a working train display at Yacht Club. There was so much detail in it.

We also enjoyed eating at the Boardwalk Bakery and Ample Hills Creamery. (Who doesn’t love ice cream? Plus they have such unique flavors.)

We rode the Skyliner roundtrip for fun and rode the ferry around.

One night, we ate at Crew Cup Lounge. No reservation is needed.

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Ooo, thanks! My kids love the Germany train, so we will definitely have to check that one out too.

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I do enjoy Hurricane Hanna’s for quick service as well.

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I’m a pretty big Swolphin fan.
No way I wouldn’t have sushi at Kimonos and Ample Hills a FEW times during a one week stay.
The hot sub sandwiches at Fuel are another absolute hidden gem.

For things to do - check on the mini golf course. But, I’f I’m staying at Swolphin, it’s all about the pool and the food, and park hopping.

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This display is much more intricate and detailed compared to the one in Epcot.

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We’ve stayed at BC and YC and BWV. I’d stay at any of them again. Proximity to Epcot and the ease of the International Gateway is a big draw.

Cape May Cafe is another big draw. It’s one of our favorite character buffets. Idk what it is about Donald and my husband but they always have to act silly. Over the top. We had the sea food buffet once - I’d have it again if we were staying here and didn’t want to trek around the World.

Another huge draw is the pool. My first water slide. I don’t know why I waited so many decades. I could very easily eat breakfast at Cape May about 10:30 every morning, play in the mini- water park - I mean pool - in the afternoons and visit Epcot every evening.

The ice cream place ain’t bad either. If you stay at the Yacht Club I recommend that you get a ice cream buddy to help you with that nightly ice cream.

There’s something magical about walking along the Boardwalk to get to your villa at the Boardwalk. Especially if your kid is about 10. The acts on the Boardwalk are so much more possible at that age.

And pizza by the slice is great too. Especially if your villa is preferred. 5 minutes and a nice warm slice of pizza.

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We love the Epcot Resort area. If you have kids the Cape May Minnie Beach Party breakfast is fun. The food is not anything special. It’s just a great way to see the characters. We definitely walk over to Epcot for food quite a bit.

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We enjoyed just strolling the Boardwalk in the evening and watching the various performers. If your party is 21 or over, Jellyrolls was unexpectedly fun. Those piano players are amazing.

The Flying Fish restaurant over there is truly excellent, a bit of a splurge, but worth it. It’s probably better than anything at WS.


Yes! This is a great place for pin trading. Walk the boardwalk to all the resorts. The general stores sometimes bring out giant pin boards. Otherwise there are multiple smaller options behind the counters and with the cast members.

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Yay, thanks for the intel! Our kids love looking at their pins from past trips, but they feel a bit shy picking from someone’s lanyard, so the big boards are my favorite to visit!

If they arent out, definately ask if there is a schedule. I missed it during my 3 day, 2 night stay at BWV and then 2 weeks later walked into the BWV general store when I was at Dolphin for work and it was there. Lots of real hidden mickeys.

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Just saw this: Also be sure to ask to see the pin trading books/boards at the Concierge desks! Most people don’t and we found some real gems there. I think 2 of the 3 (BC/YC/BWI) have them, but I can’t remember exactly which ones.

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Ooo thanks!

We stayed at BWI a few years ago and loved the Boardwalk atmosphere. We rented a surrey bike one afternoon and had a lot of fun and laughs making laps around the Boardwalk. Also highly recommend Ample Hills Creamery!


Thank you! We have never had Ample Hills, so I’m excited to try it, and a nightly walk or bike around the Boardwalk will be so fun!

I cannot pass Beaches and Cream without ordering a No Way Josè