Epcot resort area bus

Staying at BC in mid September. I believe I’ve read that the bus picks up at the YC before the BC. Is that correct? I’ve also read that the bus is sometimes full before it reaches the BC. Should we go ahead and take the time to walk to the YC bus stop or just stick to the BC bus stop since we should be seeing lower crowds?

We just stayed at BC 2 weeks ago. Yes, they did share a bus and YC was the first stop. The only time it ever mattered at all to us was going for AK rope drop - we were at our stop real early. No AK buses - lots of MK buses oddly enough despite it being AK EMH and not MK. By the time the first AK bus rolled up there were a fair amount of people - we managed to get on & get one of the last seats, but a lot of people ended up standing. I think they rolled up a 2nd AK bus immediately though so no one was left behind.

In hindsight, it’s the one time I kind of wished we Uber-ed it, but I didn’t pull the trigger.

Overall the transportation was a joy at BC - probably our best trip ever for transportation. The above was the only issue we had - I’m sure a lot was luck but we were often just catching buses/boats most of the time. In general, I wouldn’t bother walking to YC for the bus. You also only bus to AK, MK and DS as well so that makes it easier. There was one night we hopped on the bus to the Boardwalk from somewhere as that bus showed up first & we figured that was easier than waiting who knows how long - might have been our return from DS. Anyone - it can be useful to note on your return that it’s not a bad walk from any of the Boardwalk/Swan/Dolphin if that bus is loading and there is no BC/YC bus in sight…

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