Epcot - Remy Rope Drop Question

What is the best way to rope drop Remy? We are staying at Polynesian, part of me was wondering if we could have a Minnie Van drop us off at the Disney Beach or Boardwalk hotel and then go to the International Gateway entrance to be closer to the ride at entry. Is that possible? My goal would be to get Remy first on Genie+ but I wasn/t sure if it is still so popular that doing it that way may not work. My daughter is obsessed with Ratatouille so this ride is a must do.

If you can book a MinnieVan , that plan would work. If no Minnie Vans are available, a Lyft to Swan/Dolphin would be my backup plan.


Swan/Dolphin will allow the Lyft to enter without an ADR?

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You can also (if you REALLY want to avoid the MinnieVan route) take a bus from Poly to HS, then walk from HS to EP. But this does add a lot of walking to the day up front.


Yes, the Swan & Dolphin do allow ride shares in.

If you do G+ there is no guarantee when your return time will be. But you should be able to get it, and can always try modifying it.


Do the Disney hotels not allow ride share?
What if we do a Mobile Order at The Market at A&C?

We’re staying at OKW. Thinking about a Lyft to YC, picking up breakfast sandwiches and coffee, and heading to IG for the RD wait.

If we can’t Lyft there, do people have an idea of the price difference between Lyft an Minnie Van?

Swan and Dolphin are only a slightly longer walk.

No, a mobile order will not help if the gate guard refuses entry (you never know if they will let you in or not).

I have found that a Minnie Van is usually around $35-40 and Lyft would me less than $20?


The Dolphin has a separate parking entrance and main entrance, so there’s not really a gate or anything (I’m assuming the Swan is similar, but not really sure). We had Dominos delivered and met the driver right at the front of the hotel without any issues; I can’t see how anyone would turn away a Lyft driver dropping someone off.


I’d heard there were some questions of this happening at the Poly, but I didn’t realize it was an issue at the Crescent Lake resorts, too. That stinks. The food looked good and like the timing of it would work well for us.

It is a short walk from the Dolphin. You can order and walk from there.

Yep - that’ll be the plan. In my head BC or YC is easier, because I’ve been there and know how to navigate. But, I’m sure Dolphin isn’t difficult either.

In April (spring break) and in October, we rope dropped Remy from the front of the park, with early entry.
Our wait was maybe 12 to 15 minutes. The speed walking was the hardest part, everyone was passing me by, yet we still had a reasonable wait.