Epcot RD via International Gateway to SB FEA?

So I was not able to get a FPP for FEA, therefore we will have to SB it if we want to do it…I really planned (and still do) on starting out day in FW because we have to be in Norway for a 1:30 lunch, then are doing CLP and dinner in Germany later…but after some helpful people here on TP I’ve realized I should probably hit FEA at RD, then just go on over to FW for the start of our day and head to WS later and it won’t feel like quite as much backtracking. Forgot FEA opens earlier than the rest of WS.
My question is on my entrance strategy…I’ve never used the International Gateway, only the main entrance. How does one enter via the IG? Is it only if you are staying gat Epcot resorts? We are not, we are staying at WL and will take the bus to Epcot that morning.

You can’t get to the IG from the park buses. It’s primarily for those staying at the Boardwalk area though in theory you could take a cab. Don’t worry though, it’s been mapped and believe it or not there isn’t that much of a walk savings coming from one entrance or another. They won’t let you go any further than France before 11am so you end up having to walk the long way around from IG and it takes just as long as from the normal entrance.

I didn’t think so, just confirming. Thanks, I will plan to do main entrance…hopefully this will be worth it!
As far as going between FW and WS - is there a most efficient route? We’ve done it before but can’t remember the details lol.

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You’ll just go straight ahead and when you get to World Showcase head left. It’s all so linear there isn’t really a more or less efficient way like at the other parks.

That’s what I assumed…but I’m always finding new things I didn’t know here.