Epcot RD dilemma- Soarin or Test Track?

My touring plan keeps telling me to go to Test Track at rope drop, then mission space, then head over to soarin and the rest of the land & sea pavilions. But my gut instinct keeps telling me to head straight for Soarin. Any suggestions?
We only have one morning in EP this time (We made fpp’s for HS later in the day.) I checked the wait times for both and they are very similar, jumping right up to near an hour before 11:00 am. Any insights would be great!

Funny, I have gone immediately to Soarin, then TT stand by, and finally Soarin FP later. That plan worked for me.

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With no FPPs, I would definately go to Soarin’ first. If the TT line builds, then I use the single rider line. But also, to me, TT is “fun”, but not a “must do”; if I miss it, I’m not heartbroken. TT also is prone to late openings due to technical issues, so I REALLY wouldn’t want to spend RD time waiting for them to get it open…


We did Soarin at RD this summer on a crowd 8 level day. Got there at 830 (park opened at 9… Were a little later arriving than I had wanted but got delayed due the monorail construction and having to use bus instead). Went towards the right and scooted over into the pre-RD ADR entrance about 10 minutes before park opened and it turned into a regular tapstile for all guests. We were second from the tapstiles. Walked at. Brisk pace with DH and DD6 straight to Soarin. We were in the first ride of the day. Then we did LWtL, Turtle Talk, Nemo, walked around the seas, Figment, and snack break. We were at the ropes at World Showcase by France by 1045 and went straight to meet Belle at 11 am (second in line). We did FPP for TT later in the day. We figured with all the technical issues TT often has this was a better plan for us, especially since we don’t have option for single rider line.