EPCOT Question

What and where is that place at EPCOT that you can sample different flavors of soft drinks? Am I imagining this, or does it exist?

Nope you aren’t imagining anything. You are thinking of Club Cool. It’s located on one side of Innoventions west and has around 8 flavors from various locations around the world.

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Thank you @Outer1.
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Only 8?

I think so, based on what I could find. Why did you experience more than that? I think there are several stations but my understand is they all contain the same current offerings.

Hi @Outer1! I have been to Epcot many times but have never made it over to Club Cool myself!! But when I see images of it on videos, I always imagined it would be dozens of flavors – more like the world of Coke tasting in Atlanta – so I was surprised to hear that it’s the same 8 flavors at several stations. Thanks for the info!

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I was about to ask if world of coke had more! Thank you!

I really REALLY miss the ice caves that used to lead into Club Cool. Anyone else remember those?

Yes, we do miss the ice cave entrance. We stop in every trip for a little tasting and walking around on that sticky floor.