Epcot Processional/Res Finder

I’ve recently become obsessed with booking Trattoria al Forno Bon Voyage Breakfast for our trip in December, which of course is totally booked by now (group of 6 :woman_facepalming:t2:). I have a reservation finder set up for it, but:

  1. Am I correct in thinking that the finder does NOT search Epcot Processional dining packages that include TaF?
  2. Am I wasting my time manually checking for Processional package openings, anyway? I feel like once they are booked, not many will open up.

Thanks for any feedback!

Have you tried searching for 2 and 4? I think you might have better luck with that.

And plans change constantly. I don’t think anything has no chance.

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If I search for 2/4, will they still seat us all at one table?

We have booked at several different resturaunts in the past by splitting up the group and they have always been accmodating once we got there to seat us all together. Even at CRT…we had 10 people split up into 3 groups and we just asked as we hecked in if they could seat us together. We may have had to wait a few extra mins but it wasnt a problem at all.

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Yes! That’s definitely been my experience. I have a few restaurants booked for 8, but a couple booked as 4 and 4. You will need two MDE accounts to have them overlap or if you click through a Reservation Finder link, it won’t make you drop the first to pick up the second.


Awesome! I just checked 2/4 tables and they are also all booked, but I’ll keep giving it a go. Thanks to you and @melcort10 for the tip!


I have a third question for anyone out there!

  1. Do you get a full refund if you cancel an Epcot Processional Dining Package? It says on the site you can cancel up to 48 hours ahead, but it doesn’t explicitly say you get a refund (since it’s a prepay package). I’m assuming you do, but wanted a sanity check!