Epcot planning without RD

We are planning two days in Epcot for our trip with late arrivals both days. We are usually a RD family so this is foreign territory for me but we have 4 other RD days planned this week.

Day 1 plan to arrive at park around 10 and stay until after dinner leaving park by 8:00. Day 2 plan on late breakfast/brunch and arrive at park by 1:00. We will eat dinner around 7 and then head out before Illuminations. We will be there in March–spring break crowds. Kids 7-16–we have thrill seekers and shoppers. How would you break up your days? FW one day and WS the other? Left and Right? Half of FW and half of WS each day? Soarin is my DS13’s fav in all of WDW. How would you handle the 3 tier 1 attractions? We also want to wander/browse/drink in WS in late afternoon/early evening. Thanks for your help.

Are you using FPP for TT both days or just one? I think your 10am day, you can still do okay starting at Soarin. We did FEA quite easily at RD, but it fills up quickly.

I am interested in strategies too. We will have 2 Epcot days when we stay in August, one starting at 10 AM and the other around noon after a brunch at Trattoria al Forno–we will stay for Illuminations on that day.

We’re in a similar situation at the end of August as well. Two partial days at Epcot, arriving about 1 pm first day and staying through Illuminations, arriving about 4 pm second day and staying till after our 7 pm ADR. Would greatly appreciate any touring advice as these are our only Epcot touring days.

I have never RD Epcot. Have gotten Soarin and TT as day of FP both times (first week of Oct and second week of April this school year). I usually arrive 10-ish. Do FPs for 9:45, 10:45 for SE and MS and then FEA around 1:30. Also get day of FP for Nemo. I also go on Tues at least one day that week so I can do PM EMH too. I’ve also gotten there as late as 1:00 and did late day FP or if I hopped, got day of FP. Will do a mix of WS both days.