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We have only been to WDW once and we whispers skipped EPCOT that trip. I know, all of you just gasped the atrocity of what I just said. I am way more knowledable now than I was in 2016 so this trip will have 2 EPCOT days. We will be there Oct/Nov so F&W will be in full swing. It’s me, DH, DD16, DS9, and DD2. We will be utilizing RS for the first time as well. Give me all your tips and tricks for planning a day at Epcot. I am having a hard time coming up with a game plan. Do you make a plan for WS or just walk around and enjoy whatever acts you come across? Which ride would you rope drop? What are fun things for littles to do while we use our rider swaps? Any other tips? I’m open to any suggestions! Thanks, Liners!


I like to split the park down the center. East and West. Do a little bit of future world and that same half of WS on one day, then the other side on the other day.

I do like to be aware of what shows in WS I want to take in because I don’t want to miss them :slight_smile:

Doing it this way I would RD Soarin one day and Frozen the other. I would be sure to get a FPP for TT for near RD because either you will use it or it will wake up broken (happens a lot) and you’ll get an anytime FPP


Food booths don’t open until 11:00 so you will have plenty of time to do rides before that. There are so many choices that you really need to plan what you want to try so be sure to check out the menus before you go (I use Disney Food Blog). The piece of advice that I found very useful was to start at the far side of WS and work your way back toward FW. Most people start at the booths nearest the main entrance so the lines are longest there.


Thank you for the info! I will put it to good use!

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I also do as @OBNurseNH does and split it into East and West over 2 different days.

Don’t forget the Kidcot stations around the world for your littles.

The first time we took my oldest granddaughter when she was 11, she hated Epcot. She was expecting the same level of attractions as we’d done the day before at MK. We actually left early that day.

When we returned a few months later, she gave it a fresh look, got the grasp of what shopping/eating in all the countries was like, and now it’s her favorite park.


I would add, as well as the Kidcot stations, look into the AgentP game and also the meet and greets inthe pavilions. The M&Gs don’t usually have long lines, and you could get something to eat and wait in line.

Definitely split it East and West. And explore off the main path. The pavilions go back a fair ways, and there’s stuff to explore / do that can’t be seen from the lagoon path.


We are going the day after MK. I hope they aren’t disappointed!

I had heard of Agent P but not the Kidcot stations. I’ll look into it! Thanks so much!

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A great addition to the Kidcot stations is the passports - you can buy them in the gift shops. They come with a sheet of stickers for each country, and then if you take them to the cast member at each Kidcot station they’ll stamp them and write something in the native language of that country in the passport. My kids loved it.


My kids have always really enjoyed the Agent P game (you can do as many countries as you’d like), as well as getting a passport (for sale in the gift shops at the front of WS) to use at all of the Kidcot stations in the countries around WS. It really makes the experience enjoyable, and with 2 days, you will for sure be able to complete the passport and have a nice collectible from the trip.

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The Wreck it Ralph play area (outside) would be great for the 2 year old while you do the bigger rides. It’s not far from TT. There’s also a play area outside of exit area at Mission Space although we didn’t get a chance to check it out. My 5 year old also adored Figment and the hands on area around the Wreck it Ralph autograph spot.

Since you’re there during F&WF your kids may also enjoy the Ratatouille Hide & Squeak scavenger hunt around the World Showcase. You buy a map and basically have to find 12 little Remys, all posing with different foods. You place the correct food sticker in the right spot, and when the map is complete you hand it in for a prize. These vary from year to year (the ones I remember are a pin, keychain and last year’s cups which were later changed for Koozies). It’s a great way to keep younger kids interested as you walk around WS - and the adults usually get involved too, since not all the Remys are that easy to find… Anyway, that’s one of DD5’s favorite things to do at F&WF - apart from eating!

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Regarding FPP and Rope Drope, I second what @OBNurseNH said. We want to ride all 3 Tier 1 rides, so we plan to get a Fast Pass to Test Track (since it seems to malfunction a lot). Rope Drop: we are headed straight to Frozen Ever After, then running (ok, walking calmly) to Soarin’. It’s our first park day 1 so I’m using Frozen as a way to ease my 4 year old into the rides. I described Soarin’ to him last night and he looked a liiiitle concerned :slight_smile:


The Seas pavillion would probably be a good place to keep your 2 year old entertained for a while - there’s a play area, Turtle Talk, and the aquariums.

I posted another thread that hasn’t gotten answered. Is the play area (sea base) the same as the seas exhibit? Of separate, what’s in the play area?

I’m pretty sure it’s all the same. We rode the Nemo ride and exited into the aquarium section - off the main area they had the play centre and the Turtle Talk entrance, and then there was an upstairs area with manatees and dolphins.

Ok. Everyone referring to it as a play area was confusing because I had interpreted that as an actual aquarium/exhibit which adults can enjoy as well. Play areas to me mean geared towards kids only.

Thanks for the replies! I’m excited to start making my touring plans, using all of your expert advice.

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@flutegarden, there is a play area with a big shark mouth and a PhotoPass photographer taking photos of kids sticking their heads out of the mouth. It is in the same building as the tanks but there are no real fish in that room! It isn’t huge but my kids, then 2 and 6, loved it and spent a very long time pretending to be fish.

Thanks! So it’s just a small section of the tanks where they play?