Epcot plan, tips or changes?

Good afternoon all,

If anyone would be so kind and has the time to give our plan a look and offer up any pointers it would be greatly appreciated. I have inputted the times I was able to get FPP’s for, we plan to RD FEA. I have the plan set to a very relaxed pace. Anything we could for sure skip or any must do’s I’ve left off are welcome too. It’s my wife and I and our 11 year old daughter that are going. Thanks in advance, link is below to view


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Why do you show 5 FPs (instead of 3). You may be able to get evening Soarin’ as a 4th FP, but I do not think you will get Character Spot as a 4th FP in the late morning after you check in for Spaceship Earth (of course, you can try, but I think it will be unlikely so I wouldn’t plan on it).

I don’t think 45 mins is enough time to allocate for your TS lunch and TS dinner. I would allocate 60 mins for each in the plan.

It’s going to be a long day with a ton of walking. Are the 3 of you up for that?

That sounds like a demanding plan if the weather is cool and everyone is fit and between the ages of 18 & 35. Would also take some luck, like perfect FP+ availability, no wait for seats at the restaurant, fast service, synchronized bathroom breaks, no rain storms, and Test Track opening on time.

On a 95 degree day in August, with a child? Sounds brutal. It’s just a lot of mileage, few breaks. I’ve tried less aggressive plans than that in April and been burned out by 3pm. The walk between China and the American experience can be withering in the afternoon.

Also, Touring plan’s method for Agent P doesn’t match up with my experience. It takes a minute to sign up but adds 10-30 minutes of running around per country when you do it. Set the initial time low for the signup, add 20 mins to each pavilion where you want to play.

Looking here: https://touringplans.com/epcot/fastpass-availability You can see that as of last night, the epcot character spot fast passes are already gone before 3:30pm and soarin is gone through 5:35pm.

Your 4th FP for Soarin, is definitely doable for evening. I don’t know that you’ll be able to turn around and get character spot as a 4th FP that quickly, but you could also consider going there right after FEA and seeing how long the line is.

Most people reserve 45 minutes for QS restaurants and 90 for TS. You often have to wait to be seated, so don’t rush yourself there.

The Anna & Elsa line can get crazy, so I’d consider doing that right after FEA at RD and trying to get Character Spot later (or just checking wait times throughout the day). I don’t know that your afternoon TP estimate for that is accurate.

Any pavilions you want to truly explore, I would put 30 minutes in.

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Keep in mind them at character spot just switched to Tier 2 so maybe try switching that for MS?


I’m having some troubles with Epcot. We’re only going to be there twice. I have a 4 hour window planned on a MNSSHP day and an hour of that will include dinner and then I have another day planned that will take us from rope drop to about 1:00 or 2:00. I don’t really know how to schedule all the rides for our three kids and still have time to tour some of the pavilions and drink a couple of beers.

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Have you been to Epcot before? I (and many others) find some of the rides/attractions to be skippable if you are short on Epcot time. Your plan of 2 half’ish days will let you catch the highlights (TT, Soarin’, Frozen) plus a number of others.

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It’s been a while. I have three children and a teenage nephew who will be with us. So Soarin, TT, Frozen, Journey, Nemo, and the Three Caballeros, etc are all needed to be completed. Then the character visits. I’ll put that stuff before just leisurely spending my own time gawking at buildings and beer carts but I would like to find some time to look around all of the pavilions and I’m not sure where I’m going to find that time.

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It’s hard to do that without repeat evening trips from the international gateway. Should be easier to do that once the skyway is up.

Where are you eating dinner on the day you have 4 hours at the park?

What time are you planning on heading over to MNSSHP? You may miss part of the party if you eat dinner and then head over to MK.

So, we don’t have tickets to the party. That day we’ll start at MK until about 2:00 and then take a break because we’d get booted out of MK at 6:00 anyway. Then go to Epcot at 5:00, dinner at Via Napoli and see what we can get in during that three hour window. I’m working on a touring plan without fast passes at the moment but it would basically only allow us to do Test Track and Frozen and maybe get Soarin in.

Ah. I misunderstood original post about the Halloween party. It also sounds like you will be using your 3 pre-booked FP at MK.

In that case, my suggestions are as follows:

On the day you RD Epcot, I would FP TT and get to the park early to rope drop Soarin’ and then walk right over Frozen. I would use the other 2 FPs that morning for Spaceship Earth and Character Spot. You can then fill in with the other rides between your FPs.

On the day you are going to Epcot for your dinner, as soon as you are done with the last FP you are going to use at MK, search for a same day FP at Epcot for one of the Tier 1s. If you can’t get a Tier 1, then just take one of the Tier 2s you are interested in. Go on the ride you get the FP for, eat your dinner at Via Napoli and explore a some of the pavilions that evening (probably can get into Three Caballeros with a relatively short wait that evening if you head the direction of the Mexico pavilion after dinner).

Also, try playing around with the TP too to see what the optimizer recommends. I suspect you will be able to see/do most of what you want to accomplish.

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Cool. Will do. Thanks.

Thanks @davej, yes I showed the 5 FPP+ cause it looks like I should be able to get them, but thanks for the insight on the Character Spot. I’d like to think we’d be up for the walking, but maybe not. How do people make it through everything in one day then?

Thanks @douglar, good info. Appreciate the response

Thanks @Cgerres, great stuff. Appreciate the insight

I can’t do all of Epcot in one day, but I can do all the Epcot attractions I want to see/do in one day. I suspect it is like that for most people. If you really want to see/do everything at Epcot, I would think you would need at least 1 full day and then a second partial day.

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