Epcot Plan - the non-touring plan touring plan

I am having a hard time envisioning my day at epcot. We have one day there. My plan is to rope drop FEA aaaand then i don’t know what to do after that. My impulse is to go to Soarin’ and hope i’ll be able to hit it before park open because traditionally, Soarin’ has really long lines. But… it doesn’t seem like Soarin’ has had long lines lately. Is that true? Maybe because of no FPP? So then I think, maybe head to 3 Caballeros, after FEA. And then head to future world. Hit ALL THE THINGS there, and then do whatever we can in World Showcase with whatever time we have left. I’ll have two tiny ones with me, and then won’t be all that into WS, with the exception of the trains at UK, which i’m planning on spending a chunk of time at. That and the aquarium, we’ll hang out at for a bit. Any suggestions welcome. Also- La Cava margarita, before or after 3 Caballeros?

Lol! I have similar plans for Epcot next month. RD FEA, then Gran Fiesta and then spending 3 hours traipsing around WS. Not planning to make it over to FW until 4ish. Soarin’ times seem to get predictably low every evening and then I figure we hit TT around close.


That sounds like a good plan! Thank you for your input. It’s very validating :smile:

A couple weeks ago we were able to do everything at Epcot except we skipped FEA. You could easily RD FEA and then do 3 Caballeros because the Mexico pavilion does have a line to get in the pavilion on some days. If you then spent some time in WS and did it headed counter clockwise heading to Canada you could do a couple countries and then do the Beauty and the Beast sing a long to break up the countries for the kids. Then in the afternoon if you head over to Future World you can do all 4 of the rides over there with less than a 20 minute wait and a couple will be walk ons. On the day we were there we did all rides except FEA( by choice) and ate in 11 countries and watched shows in France, Canada, and China. It was the most relaxed day we had to so I am confident that you can do most things if u plan accordingly

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thank you so much! good to hear how much you were able to get done

@Broph1988 I was able to do everything but two attractions we wanted to skip at Epcot, plus two meals and breaks, by 5:00 last week. FEA at 10:30 before open then we went with short lines. Didn’t use my plan becasue I was able to do the attractions before they came up on my plan. Plan has WS first and no rides until 3:00.

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Just a quick reminder the trains are next to Germany, not the U.K. But in the U.K. you could look for Christopher Robin’s bedroom; also look for Pooh and Joy dancing on the grass.

Maybe decide whether you’re happy with the idea of a sing-along in an indoor theatre. In schools here in the U.K. there is no singing allowed indoors or outdoors currently, so personally I’d skip it but it’s a personal choice obviously.

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What do those who have been think about Test Track? We definitely want to ride it, but dont really want to wait in a 45-60 minute line for it. If you want to ride all 3, would you rope drop FEA, then head to 3 C or TT first?

Without the design element of Test Track, it is really just a hu-hum ride. In fact, if you’ve never done it before, the ride really doesn’t even make sense now.

The only fun part is the spin around the building outside.

I wouldn’t wait excessively long for it, for sure.

I like the fast part of the ride and say WEEEEE!! So I’d love to ride it if I can. But, uhhh no.
Definitely not waiting more than 20 minutes for it.


Oh my goodness! Germany! Thank you! I don’t know what I was thinking. I would love to see Joy and Pooh though, so that’s super good info. Thank you.

Sing along? Of which sing-a-long do you speak? Is there one at Epcot?

Its really, really quick. The first part of the ride is jerking around and like @ryan1 said, without being able to design ur vehicle with the “tests” and results, its not worth more than a 20 min wait. Ill be in Epcot 2 days and if its not a close to walk on, we’re skipping it.

Beauty and the Beast, in the France pavilion. It “shares” the theatre with IDF - BatB most of the day and IDF in the evening.

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I was in line for FEA at 10:30 and off about 11:05 last week. TT was already a 60 minute wait. I’d rope drop FEA and get in line for TT right before park close. It held a long wait time all day. We perspnally skipped it.

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Thank you! This helps to know what to expect.

I’m not sure what you’re giving up if you have littles but my suggestion is to rope drop FEA, then work your way in order with Gran Fiesta Tour (which the pavilion gets a line for more than the ride), then do Future World. Though if you’re coming back for margaritas later…it’s more the pavilion that gets the line so you can hold off on Gran Fiesta till later if you do that.

I was just planning on a morning margarita that day :slight_smile: