Epcot plan soaring times changed badly

Ok. I am wondering if this is a glitch or not. I am currently here at disney and tomorrow we are going to Epcot. I did plans awhile back and I was always evaluating them every few days and no big changes. My thing was we wanted to do soarin twice so I had us doing it back to back and the wait times up to a few days ago for soarin was around 30 mins each. Not bad. Well tonight I ran evaluate and the wait times shot way way up. To the point that the free time I built into it to do pavilions is gone and can’t even do the things we want to in time. Park is a level 5 for July 6. When I check the levels and times for soarin for the next few days, the wait times aren’t even close!!! Help. Is this a glitch. Below is my plan after I ran evaluate


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Sorry used the wrong url

Try this one


I would say those wait times seem pretty accurate?


You raise a good point, as your second Soarin’ is actually a lot longer than your afternoon Frozen.

One thing to consider, if you are at RD and walk with purpose to that ride, you probably won’t be waiting as long as the TP says you will. That will cut into the second wait a lot. I’d say be there very early so you can be at the front of the pack and get yourselves over to Soarin’ right away.

Same thing happened with my Epcot TP. We visited Epcot on Sat 6/25. Predicted crowd level was 4, but actual crowd was a little higher. We hit Soarin’ as our 1st attraction with no FP. Our actual wait time was about 20 min. but the TP predicted wait time and the posted wait time were both much higher. I think you will be fine at least for your first ride. I advise you to stick with your plan, and if you have to, drop the 2nd Soarin’. Keep checking for late day FP’s! We got lucky a few times, even on Soarin’ .

I did originally have a fp for soarin but when frozen came online I changed it out with frozen. When I did that the wait times for both soaring was 30 mins which to me was reasonable and stayed that way till I ran evaluate tonight. What seems funny us tommorow the park us a 5 and the next day A 6 and wait times go back down to 30 mins for 9 am. That’s why I was wondering a glitch. If wait times had of shot up like that when I started I would of kept the fp for soarin

Yes that was my plan. Hoof it right to soarin

You’ve noticed that your plan puts Frozen at 3:19, but your FPP is at 1:25? You might have to adjust so you can use your FPP. I wouldn’t mess that up. The same goes for your Spaceship FPP.

E-mail webmaster@touringplans.com about this - they are usually quick to reply and should be able to tell you what is going on here.

Hey folks. Just an update. It must of been a glitch. I went to Epcot today a 5 on the crowd calendar and stuck to my original plan i created months ago. Staying on resort so we got there before rope drop and was one of the first into the park and oh forgot to mention no emh either so park opened at 9. My first ride on soaring took 15 mins and my second one at 9:20 took 20 mins. I checked off on my phone that I did the 2 rides of soarin then reevaluated my plan after that and everything was back to normal


Awesome! Being at RD makes such a difference. Glad you were diligent and watching, though.