Epcot Pavilion timing problem

Trying to walk from Canada to Mexico starting at 8:00pm and the Touring Plan will only plug UK and France in at 45 min each. Why won’t it let me make 10 minute stops at each coutry? does it have to do with Illuminations happening? should I do the countries in reverse?

Can you publish the plan so we can look at it?

Possible things that might affect it - what time does your plan end, what time does the park close, what else do you have after it?

I assume you’re using Optimise, you could try using Evaluate and see if there are any warning messages perhaps.

If you could publish it someone will be able to figure it out.

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i’m an idiot. earlier in the day i have 45 minute stops at each and because I added the pavilions in a second time in the same day as walk-thru’s it made them the same timeframe as the first. i’ve broken things down more clearly instead of having 45 minute long stops earlier and now it’s letting me add things as the correct time frame. User Error! lol

Glad you solved it!

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