Epcot or HS...what would you do?

I am trying to plan for the last two days of our trip to WDW. We have 9 day passes and will have already visited every park once before our last weekend. I need to decide between Epcot and HS on Friday and Saturday. On Friday, Epcot is predicted to be a 3 and HS is at 5. On Saturday they are both predicted to be 7. So my question is this…is it better to do HS at a 5 and give up that 3 on Epcot on Friday. I am guessing that it would be better to experience a CL 7 at Epcot than at HS. Any thoughts???:thinking:

I would be inclined to do the Epcot day on the 7

Epcot handles crowds better than the other parks, and the higher crowd levels are less noticeable there than elsewhere.

Friday - HS
Saturday - EP

I suppose the only caveat to that would be if you are of the camp that is concerned about locals being sloppy drunk in WS, which is reportedly a bigger problem on the weekends than during the weekdays (though I honestly have yet to witness it myself)

I would do Epcot on Saturday and HS on Friday, as either day at Epcot you will run into those drinking a little too much. We don’t go often, but last trip we ran into several situations that were a little awkward. One of the times my DH ran into an obnoxious drunk in the men’s bathroom in Canada when he was taking my children in. He came right back out with them and said he was finding another bathroom. Apparently the drunk was mouthing off to my kids. This was at F&G on a Friday around dinner time. We have gone on Mondays and didn’t really have any issues on that day of the week.

That was my gut…I am not too worried about the drinking crowds…just the crowds in general. :grin:

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