Epcot: One day FW, one day WS?

Is there a plan for Epcot that focuses on WS one day and FW another? I’m planning a trip for the Christmas/New year holiday weeks (which I know will be crazy busy) and am thinking about a two day plan that separates the park this way. Thoughts?

I imagine I would create a TP that just focused on each section. Would you want to see all the story tellers?

I don’t think so, but I don’t really know enough about them or Epcot to answer that question with conviction. I’m open to suggestion.

I think I would look at everything that will be available and then create two custom touring plans with those attractions.

We did Epcot this year on Jan 1 (day after the crazy night you know) and it wasn’t bad honestly. We did FW at rope drop through a late lunch, then walked the WS all afternoon until dinner back in FW (Garden Grill) and then Illumination at 9. Just a thought - this definitely wouldn’t work on the 31st, but worked great on the 1st.

Not sure if there’s a pre-made plan, but if you do make custom plans keep in mind that World Showcase doesn’t officially open until 11:00 AM, so either plan to arrive late that day or “hop” over from another park. There’s currently also nothing in World Showcase except for Illumniations that you can make FPP reservations for, so if you’re not park hopping and planning to spend two days in Epcot, then you may wish to ride some things in Future World twice to take advantage of FPP.

Also, keep in mind that you can’t prebook FPP on Test Track and Soarin on the same day (though you may be able to reserve one of those later in the day from a kiosk after you’ve used your prebooked FPP).

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When I have 2 full days for EP, I do FW at RD on both days, and do WS in the afternoon/evening. That way you can have FPPs in hand for both TT and Soarin’. Also, WS really does not have any serious line issues, so it’s pretty laid back - and it doesn’t open until 11. I don’t really use a TP fo WS; I make a list of showtimes for live events I wan to see and just work around that. After the other parks, it’s a very relaxing way to tour.

My “usual” is to spend one full day at EP, and then a second afternoon (usually after a 2nd day MK RD)specifically for more WS.

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Thanks for the advice, everyone! We’ll be at WDW resort for 9 days and there’s no way we’ll be able to do RD or EMH for them all. I am hoping to make WS a day that we can sleep a bit later and still have plenty of time to enjoy the attractions there. I think we will take advantage for FPP for a couple of things that day in FW, perhaps an hour or so before WS opens. I like the idea of dong this on the 1st and am relieved to hear that it might work.


What about doing the Test Track side of FW and the Mexico side of WS one day, then do the Soarin side of FW and the Canada side of WS the second day? That way you can use FPP both days, plus you get some thrill time and some chill time on both days too. You’re able to have a good WS dinner both days as well.