Epcot on New Year's - help with fastpasses!

Hey, everyone!

My name is Elisa, I’m from Brazil and I’m really excited to read all the tips on this forum!

I’m gonna start with a question about New Year’s.

I have decided to spend New Year’s at Epcot - I Know it’s a very crowded day so I want to book my fastpasses the best way possible.

I am having breakfast at Akershus that day, at 8:30am, and I was wondering if I should go to Frozen Ever After right after breakfast, and leave the fastpass for soarin, OR, run to Soarin after breakfast and get an advanced fastpass for Frozen later in the day.

Can you guys help me out?

Many thanks!!

With an 8:30 breaky in Norway, you’d walk right into a massive line at Frozen once you are done eating. If I were you and if I wanted to do Frozen and Soarin on the same day w/ minimal wait, I’d…

A) Try for an 8am ADR and hit Frozen ahead of the crowds and FP Soarin. No doubt you can’t do this on MDE but maybe TPs Res Finder will help?

B) Cancel my ADR and FPP Frozen and rope drop Soarin.

or C) Show up early despite my 8:30 ADR and try to be served at 8am and do ‘a’ above. Perhaps Liners can help w this…let you know if it’s a viable option.

or D) get a SINGLE FPP for frozen EARLY and try for a same day FPP for Soarin as soon as the Frozen FPP is redeemed.

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Sam, thanks so much for replying!

I just didn’t understand a couple of things: what is MDE and TP Res Finder?

many thanks!!

Touring Plans Reservation finder and My Disney Experience



thanks so much!

Yeah, the first plan was to try and book Akershus for 8am but even calling on the first hour of the reservations window open, the earliest time available was 8:30am :confused: I’m gonna keep trying, just used the reservation finder, thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m probably going with C or D, it all depends on if I can get an earlier reservation! I love character breakfasts, so canceling the reservation is not on the plan, but your alternatives seem really good, thanks for the advice!