Epcot on last day of Food and Wine?

Could someone take a look and see if this plan looks feasible considering its the last day of F&W? I originally thought it ended Sunday and thought my plan looked pretty good, but I’m afraid it will be more crowded than expected now. Also, 5 days till I do FPP so I want to try for the right time for FEA.

It seems as if you could use your rest time if you want to spend more time in a country. Your Soarin wait may be a little longer, but it seems as if you have a little extra time there. Are you leaving the park at the end of the plan or staying for IllumiNations?

Thanks for having a look! Yes, that’s why I put the rest in, just for wiggle room. Not sure about the last sentence? Lol! Usually I can figure out where auto correct went wrong but not this time.

Must be a combo of autocorrect and Disney exhaustion ! Going back to edit! :grinning:

I should have been able to figure that out! Anyway, we’re playing it by ear at the end of the day as we’re flying out early the next morning. Do you think it looks feasible or should I plan on probable heavier crowds slowing me down? We love Epcot and haven’t been in so long, I really want to have a good plan. I hope you get some rest, PrincipalTinker!

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It may take you a few extra minutes to navigate the countries but the pavilions are usually not crowded (everyone will be at the booths). My guess is you will take a few minutes longer in a few spots but I live your extra time built in and you have scheduled the activities you plan on doing so to me your plan looks realistic! I hope you enjoy your day- I live world showcase!