Epcot on a Wine and Food day without a Wine and Food ticket

We will be in Epcot on a Wine and Food festival day but no one in our crew is especially interested in the Festival. Any advice regarding touring around the Festival?

If it isn’t a weekend, you can avoid it pretty easily. But it’s throughout the park, both Future World & World Showcase.
If it is a weekend, the crowds will be noticeably bigger.
I’d recommend making a touring plan just for the things you want to do/see and just skip the food & wine.

Out of curiosity, is there something in particular that you think you won’t like about the festival? In general, Epcot is a much livelier park when there’s a festival happening. For years we went in January when there was nothing particularly special happening. Now we look forward to Festival of the Arts each January and are making a special trip in October for Food & Wine.

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Agreed with this. Also, your title implies that you are under the impression that it’s a separate ticketed event. The good news (or bad depending on your perspective) is that it’s not.

Think of the festivals as more like a park “theme” than a separate thing.


Randall1028, you are right. I thought I saw something about a ticket in the $110 range.

disney1974, our time is a bit limited and we will have been at the MNSSHP the night before and cannot stay all the way to the fireworks. So I just wondered how the Festival affected the park in general. And if there was a strategy to keep us on track. Or maybe even opportunities due to other guests being “distracted”?

I am sure the Festival is delightful and hope to enjoy it more fully on a future trip.

F&W visitors tend to start pouring in around noon or one o’clock. So if you want to see World Showcase, go there FIRST so that you get ahead of the crowds. Busy days, the crowds can become almost unbearable in WS, while Future World stays pretty tame. Once afternoon comes and crowds pick up, head back to Future World. MOST of the F&W stuff is in WS, leaving Future World pretty empty by comparison.

Weekend crowds are significantly worse, so try to hit Epcot during F&W during a weekday.

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