EPCOT Morning Plans

We have a before park breakfast reservation at Akershus 8:05 on June 19, first park day. We are considering the Villains party that night at MK and I put in a plan to leave by 1PM. I’m confused that the plans keep telling me it is a better idea to meet Anna and Elsa before riding their ride after the breakfast. It says a 10 minute wait at 8:58 for A&E followed by a 15 minute wait on Frozen at 9:14. If I switch them it adds about 10 minutes of wait to my plans. Does it really make more sense to visit A&E before riding Frozen? I have a hard time believing the wait for Frozen will only be 15 minutes long 15 minutes after opening. Maybe it will with Rat opening. This is the kids’ (and grandma’s) first WDW trip, and we have only been once 12 years ago.

I don’t think the touring tools works really well with PPO breakfast stuff like BoG and 7DMT or Akershus and Frozen, ect. I think it just project the wait time at park opening when in reality it will be closer to no wait, unless there is an early opening or event.

Typically I just “add break” “staying in the park”, within the touring plan for 9am and label it the ride name (Frozen, 7DMT, ect) with a length of 15 mins. Then run evaluate or optimize, I feel that gives better results but keep checking those park hours.

Hopefully someone else more experienced than me can chime in as well…

I think it makes sense. Most people will go straight to FEA, and it will mainly be people who’ve had breakfast riding so there isn’t a big crowd there that early.