Epcot lunch suggestions

Any suggestions for a lunch break at Epcot with a 3 and 7 year old? I’m not really looking for characters meals, just a nice, air conditioned (going in June), not quite so expensive stop for lunch. (and tasty too).


Nine Dragons is great! (No characters there).

The food court in the Lands by Soarin’ is one of the most highly regarded in all MK. It’s inside, nice and offers a variety of choices - for Quick Service I’d try there first. Lots of good table service choices in Epcot of course but most are expensive.

Via Napoli is our go to lunch in Epcot. Pretty inexpensive for a table service and the pizza is fantastic.

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Here’s another vote for Sunshine Seasons in the Land. Quick service but doesn’t taste that way, plenty of hot and cold options, fast and cheap(er)!

Yet another vote for Sunshine Seasons. :slight_smile:

We loved our experience at La Hacienda de San Angel if you want a table service meal. We also have really enjoyed Les Halles in France for a quick service in you are in world showcase.

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I vote for Sunshine Seasons as , well.

In Future World I’d go with Sunshine Seasons. Lots of seating and is air conditioned. In the World Showcase I think I’d probably go with San Angel Inn inside the Mexico pyramid. My favorite is Tangierine Cafe in Morocco, but you’d have to decide if your kids are up for trying something new there.

Not a big CS person myself, but it’s hard to beat Sunshine Seasons’ range of selections, and it’s one of very few indoor CSs. Only possible downside revolves around Soarin’. It’s “scheduled” to reopen sometime in June; if you get there right after it reopens, SS may be very busy with all of the Soarin’ crowds.

For TS I second VN; awesome pizza, and easy to share with the kids. BG is a personal favorite of mine, and kids seem to really enjoy the “dance floor” while the band is playing, but it’s going to be pricier than VN (and it’s a buffet, so more work for you).

If you like Mexican, San Angel Inn might be another option; not bad food and a really pretty location (and if you get a table by the water, the kids can watch the boats go by). La Hacienda has much better food (IMHO), but it’s only open for dinner - however, at lunch you can get CS food from the outdoor cantina (which I do NOT recommend) and take it inside to eat.

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Oops, I did not realize that.