Epcot Lamp.. Broken for 4+ years or intentional design?

Can someone help us out with this question? Please see the Instagram post.

If the lamp is not broken, why is this lamp designed this way? Are they all like this or only this one? Thanks for any thoughts!

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My guess is it’s a camera.

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That could be! Or I wonder if they have a purpose during the fireworks show?

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Where is the lamp? All the national pavilions have their own design, which is why I ask. Or is it at the FW end?

That’s my Instagram picture. This particular light pole is located along the walkway that goes underneath the bridge When walking from the beach club to the international Gateway. No idea why it’s like that but it seems intentional because it’s been that way for over four years. I take a picture of it every trip. It’s a mystery.


It doesn’t look “broken” exactly, but one of the glass panels looks pushed in at the top, rather than angled and staying flush against the metal frame. The angle of the glass in the one that says PhotoGrid looks more severe than the one in timehop.

My guess is that it isn’t exactly intentional, but there might be a bit of design flaw that forces them to keep the glass angled in a bit to keep the glass on the adjacent sides from moving…or, perhaps, it is wedged in a bit more than it should be, and so if they tried to return it to its original position, it might risk cracking or something. So, when they have to replace the bulb in there, it never seats back in place correctly.


Was it part of the former Phineas & Ferb game?

Not that I remember but it’s been 10 years since we did it.