Epcot Interactive Play Area Suggestions

I’m trying to figure out my Epcot day as best as possible and trying to predict and prioritize all the interactive play areas. I have a DS9, DS7, and DS5 who are all kind of science nerdy and like Phineas and Ferb. I’m going to try to keep them away from screens, but they will almost certainly gravitate towards any video game like activity. How much time should I plan for and how should I prioritize:

  1. Innoventions
  2. Agent P’s (which I hear is great)
  3. The interactive play area in Test Track
  4. The interactive play area in Mission Space
  5. Seabase
  6. Image Works
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As of last year, the interactive areas in Epcot are no where near what they used to be. The exception to this is Test Track.

I haven’t done all of them, but I’ll let you know our experience on some of them. DS9 LOVES to stop at each of the interactive areas. Mission Space, he’ll rescue the astronauts every time, but he much prefers playing the game where you play on teams in the large station with multiple kiosks. Unfortunately, it’s only open about 50% of the time when we’re there. If it’s open, usually spend around 20 minutes there. If not, 5 for the rescue the astronaut.

Test track he likes to play the racing game for a few minutes but it doesn’t hold his attention long - 5 minutes at the most. But he does like to sit in the show cars so that usually is another 10.

Imageworks probably takes the most time as he loves running on the mats with the instruments. We usually spend 20-25 minutes running, designing your own figment, playing the instruments with your hands and using the photobooth.

Seabase we like walking around the aquarium and he always does the Shark Quiz. We do this first thing in the morning while crowds are elsewhere so we usually can get out in 15-20 minutes.

My kids love Agent P, and it usually takes them 20-30 or so minutes per country. We kind of integrate it into looking around the pavilion. They usually only want to spend 15-20 at TT. We have spent up to an hour at Mission Space, but it was also raining, so I’m sure that was part of the draw. Usually I agree with@FindMeAFishingSpot that the astronaut game is only about 5 minutes so you wont need a lot of time if the big area is closed. My kids love seabase and could spend forever but we usually only stay 20-30 minutes. Imageworks ditto. They also really loved Colortopia and spent about 20-30 minutes there.

This is great to know, I was just starting to plan my Epcot days.

Also, how long do you plan for each innovation section these days?

Don’t forget about the fun things to do as you are exiting Spaceship Earth! We typically spend 15-20 minutes after the ride enjoying those offerings.

Wow. I have no idea how I’m going to pack all this in. We’re doing open to close on a CL6 but have 2 TS’s and Illuminations and Candlelight and we’re obviously going to do all the e-tickets and most of the other rides. We may just have to accept that we can’t do everything we want at Epcot in a single day :sob:.

We usually spend 2 days, if not 3 at Epcot. It would be hard to fit everything we like to do into one day.

I will offer a different opinion. My kids have mostly no interest in that stuff (ages range from turned 6 on the trip to 14) but only because there are people everywhere and other kids join in with them in the middle of things. I fully admit that my kids are not the most outgoing or extroverted so that might be it. We may check out the cars at TT or jump on the musical floor thing and they do enjoy the seas pavilion tanks. I usually just put our speed on relaxed and go from there. We also spend at least two days at Epcot.

On the other hand, they love Agent P and 1 mission is never enough!