Epcot/HS first ride question

We have an 805 garden Grill ADR with a 9 am park opening. All of our FP+s we saved for the afternoon (FEA, SE and MS). I was planning on hitting soaring first then going straight to TT? Right?

For HS we have an 805 H&V with a 9 am park opening. We have FPP for tsmm, tot and st. But I know my kids will love tsmm and I would like to ride it twice. Should we go there first and then straight to Rock or go to Rock first and try to hit tsmm later?
(Random- can I take infant on tsmm?)

Yes I think you have it correct the way you are planning.
GG is close to Soarin so there first and then to TT.

Definitely do tsmm before RR.

Yes you can take infant on tsmm. Just makes it harder to steer and shoot. :grinning: