Epcot Hours

I’ve noticed Epcot’s released hours are a full 10 days behind the rest of the parks. Is this normal? Coming up on my ADR date so just trying to plan accordingly.

Where are you looking?

This is the page from the WDW site with the last 5 days of hours currently released:


Epcot hours are there with the others.

If you have a trip booked and linked in MDE, there is (or was) a way to see the hours for all days of your trip. Try in My Plans in MDE on the website.

Yeah, I found that, too. I think it’s because EPCOT almost always has hours 9-9, except for the EMH which are usually on Tues & Thursday. Unless your days are over a super peak turn-it-up-to-11 holiday, I would go with 9-9 as the hours.

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I was looking here on touring plans. I’ll check where u suggested. Thanks

When are you going?

Aug 18-28

I think you can pretty much bank on 9-9.