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First time posting here. I’m struggling with my Epcot plan. First plan shows all FP’s in the morning in future world, eat lunch, then do world showcase. I’m just worried about this plan as there won’t be much shelter in the heat or rain and sounds like most people do world showcase in the afternoon. Also if we do all the “good stuff” in the morning then in the afternoon will my daughter be bored and disappointed when after world showcase that’s it.


The second option does world show case right when it opens, a later lunch, and all the fast passes and indoor attractions in the late afternoon. This plan has lots of buffer in France to give time for shopping or snacks or restroom, so I’m ok with that I think.


Both plans mean we are stuck outside between noon and 3, which are the worst times to be in the heat, but no matter how I arrange the times it always works out this way.

Plan in both cases is to try to meet a couple princesses around the world, and be done around 5. No need for test track or mission space. If anyone is an Epcot expert and can let me know which plan is better I’d appreciate it (at this point all fast passes seem to be available for either option).

You’ll notice the walking speed is relaxed, as I’m bringing my parents and I learned last time that there’s no sense of getting them to walk briskly.

Any advice is appreciated because I’m going in circles with this park.

Unfortunately since world showcase doesn’t open until 11:00 and you’re aiming to be done by 5:00, you’re going to be stuck outside during the middle of the day no matter what. But if you need a break inside, most of the countries have shops and things that you can pop into to get some AC.Morocco has some great quiet spaces inside if you need a break there! In either plan you’ve got a good break in the middle for lunch and the voices of liberty (which I love!).

I think either plan would work out well - no kids here, so I can’t speak to how bored your daughter would be, but the princess meets ought to help there. The nice thing about plan 2 is that you have some extra time to leisurely make your way to France. You could check out the outside parts of Canada and UK while you walk if you have extra time (the stores and such won’t be open yet as they don’t open until 11 in those two countries, but I always enjoy just exploring the countries - both have some cool buildings and gardens).

On our Epcot days we plan to eat yogurt and fruit in our room, get to Epcot on an Early Morning Hour day, head to Future World. Have a breakfast at Garden Gril (about an hour) and to be done when World Showcase opens then head to World showcase. That usually helps our kids stamina and then a break when we hit France to eat at Les Halles. We usually ride Spaceship Earth on our way out. We are done around 3.

Plan one is my typical approach; get as much FW done as I want to, and then hit WS pretty much as soon as it’s open and stay until closing. Some important pieces of info needed to provide better help:

  1. Age Spread
  2. When you’re going
  3. Where do you live (specifically how used to heat and humidity are you)?
  4. Is the 5:00 PM a “hard deadline”?

How old is your daughter? If she’s old enough, Agent P is really fun to play. Your parents might get a kick out of it, too. It can take anywhere from 10-30 min. depending on what country you are in and if you skip through the story. All you need is a smartphone. Germany is a fun place to play & mostly indoors.

Don’t forget KidsCot spots have coloring and they can get a stamp for each country. It worked well to keep DD8 entertained if we needed a rest around World Showcase.

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Thanks! She is 8 and still into princesses and characters. Has a heart murmur so can’t do the rough rides sadly. My parents are 66. From Ontario, we get hot summers up to 40 C but humidity may be interesting! I got the hand held fans and cooling towels, hoping that will help.

The next day we’re doing the full day of magic kingdom with EMM so didn’t want Epcot to be too late, so we have time to eat swim and get to bed early.

How do I do the AgentP thing? Download an app ahead of time?


It’s also accessible through the Play app which also has fun things to do while you are waiting.

We have bought the kid passport in the past and had a cast member stamp it at each kidcot, which keeps it fun.

You don’t need the Disney Play app, just the link @cbalusek provided, or just search for it, that’s how I found it.

I think the best countries to try it in are Germany, Japan, and the UK. Although the Japan version might be better in the evening/night due to some effects being better seen then. Use it on the best/fastest phone you have just to minimize frustration waiting for it to load.

Also, parts of the Germany & UK adventures are inside, whereas the Japan adventures are all outside.

It won’t make that much difference really since WS doesn’t open until 11 am. It will be solidly hot all afternoon so that’s not really a factor either.

And no your kid will not get bored there is plenty of entertainment and diversion. my 8 year old DD has always loved the kidcot stations ( me not so much as sorry it is boring for me to sit around while she colors but gives her some chill time).

I would potentially suggest exiting out the international gateway to beach club and getting a ride back from there to save walking all the way back to the front of the park.

Unfortunately also the princess meet and greets all end earlier in the day. There are no mid to later evening meet and greets at WS. We did this in the heat last summer. It was tough and tricky due to the fact that you need to be in line 20 minutes or maybe more depending on crowds PRIOR to the start time of the meet and greet OR you may be too far back in line to make that one and have to wait for the next. Strongly encourage getting scooters that day if ANYONE thinks they might have a mobility issue standing in line at WS. Some lines have no shade. Of course the Epcot crowds are predicted to be lower this summer so you may luck out. We have done all meet and greets at Epcot except Belle. Keep that Bon Voyage Breakfast in mind as well. Close to Epcot and have heard great things. We will do next trip. Snow White is in Germany, but we LOVED Artist Pointe to meet her as well. Worth it. Great memory.

Question, we are driving. I’m assuming this means we must enter via main entrance to get back to our car? Is international gateway only if you bus or boat in?