Epcot help needed!

I am still at a loss as to what Fast Passes to get for Epcot. We are going in March. I know I need to get one for test track, but what should my other two be?

Also, we have the Disney Visa card. Do I need to worry about a FP for the character experience, since we can take advantage of the credit card meet and greet?

This is a great post that helps you pick appropriate fast passes for each park:

I would just get FPs for two attractions you know you will do. Most likely you will not need them but if there is a 30 minute wait at Spaceship Earth you would be all set.

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We do TT, Figment and Spaceship Earth. If you’re into the characters, do that. Most times Figment is short, but last year we were in a surprise line of 35 minutes that totally messed up my plan.

Definitely get Spaceship Earth as one of your choices. Lines for that were surprisingly long now that it has FP+. Prior to FP+ we usually found it a walk on, but it was always a healthy wait at our last visit. Plus it’s a nice ride that you’ll want to do…

I did Spaceship Earth and Nemo

I agree with @PrincipalTinker on this - get two attractions you know you’re going to do. Also aim to get them as early as possible so you can use (or expire) them and get to the 4th FP+ quicker.

The Visa meet and greet is a surprise character or two, so if there is someone at Character Spot you REALLY want to see, you might want the FP in case that character is not at the Visa one.