Epcot Headliners

Hello! We are a group of 10 going to Epcot on the last week of February. Of course I am now trying to figure out our touring plans. If we want to do all 3 of the headliners at Epcot (TT, Soarin & Frozen), which one would you get a fast pass for and which one would you rope drop? What is the best way to see all 3? According to the Lines app there are often afternoon Soarin FP available the day of (I have been checking around noon time) however I don’t know how luck we will be with a group of 10.


Get FPP for Test Track. It is often down so even if it isn’t running at your scheduled time you’ll get an “Anytime” FPP.

RD Soarin’ and get to FEA between 10am - 11am. That’s the time when the RD crowds have left and people aren’t in the WS area yet.


I would FPP TT for the same reasons @darkmite2

I would rope drop Frozen just to get it out of the way since it’s so far from everything else until WS opens, but either works. Both queues are indoors too.