Epcot - GG PPO, Soarin', TT

I’ve seen people talk about doing a GG PPO, followed by Soarin’, and then heading to TT, but I haven’t seen any actual reports of people doing it. Has anyone used this strategy? If so, what time did you get to TT and what was the wait like? Thanks!!

We tried it last summer and it didn’t work because TT was down when we got there. It stayed down for several hours so we did other rides and came back. DH and DS waited in a massive line and regretted it. (Lucky me got to enjoy margaritas with a sleeping baby).

We wouldn’t do it again. The recommendation is usually do TT with a FP in case it’s down or use the single rider line. We’ll do single rider next time since DS is now 7.

And we headed there about 9:30, after riding Soarin twice, once a bit early and once with a short line. And moving fairly slowly.

We did a the same except we rode LWTL after Soarin which put us at TT at 9:30. It was running but had a 30 min wait. If riding SR it wouldn’t be too bad. But FPprobably safest and maybe consider going to FEA after Soarin.

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We are going to follow the EPCOT rope drop YouTube video, w/o a PPO… FEA, Soarin, then FP for TT.

We are planning on PPO at Akershus, then FEA, Soarin and FP for TT. We got FP for TT just based on the reports that it is done so much.

Thanks everyone! After Soarin’ our group will split into tall/not tall and I’ll tell the talls to head over to TT and see if they want to wait or not. Otherwise they can head to Space while the not talls do Joy and Sadness, Figment, etc. Thanks!

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Sounds like a good plan!

@kerrilux just out of curiosity, are you doing two separate touring plans, one for each group? I am working on a plan for our trip in December for a group of 8 and we have a range of ages so we will also be splitting up. Just wondering how you are handling - I haven’t started entering any touring plans yet, still working on spreadsheets at this point

When this was still the plan, yes I did two different touring plans. I had to go back and forth and just tweak things until we met up at relatively the same time (within 20 minutes). This is no longer our plan, I’ve taken TT out, and we’re all just sticking together for the most part.

This is what I’m doing for the three of us. DD16 on one and DH and I on another. It’s hard to get hers and ours lined up, though.

Thanks, @SirGreggLadyV and @kerrilux I will be starting my plans soon, I am sure there will be lots of tweaking invovled!!

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