Epcot - FW or WS first?

Now that FW and WS open at the same time, are we still seeing a heavier FW crowd early and heavier WS crowds later in a day, or is it pretty much at an equilibrium throughout the day now? I would imagine most main entrance people are still getting FW done first.

In other words, will need to decide about turning left or right when entering through IG. Was already leaning to going around WS first and hitting festival booths, then FW, then back to a Spice Road Table ADR right before closing. If that’s better crowd-wise too, then it’s probably a no-brainer. It’s also my arrival day and won’t quite get there for RD.

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From the link, if you click on the Epcot individual attraction details, you will see the graphs.

MS, Soarin, SE, and TT had shorter waits in the afternoon and longer waits in the mornings. This would indicate that FW is more crowded in the mornings. Now this is only one particular day, but I’m betting most days are like this.

So yes, your thought would be correct.

What day of the week are u going?


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I would say WS first then travel over to FW in the afternoon.


Its anecdata (Me) but since I was entering via IG I went to FEA, explored Norway, wandered Mexico, then Three Caballeros, then went to the Epcot experience display, then TT, MS, then shopping, then the Land and the Seas. Then the F&W World Showplace (more shopping). Then back to WS. It was fine. It was a Wednesday. I had already done SE and Soarin on a previous day, but it was fine.

I think you could comfortably do either a little foray into WS and then circle back to FW, or just maybe start in FW with the slightly less in demand attractions given that it is not a weekend.

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