Epcot FPP - Touring Plan Review

Day 1 of our trip, I wanted to do a partial day at Epcot and cover most of Future World. We will be arriving the day before (split stay, with our actual “trip” portion starting on this day). Originally, I’d planned to use my FPP for this day on Character Spot, Soarin’ and Mission Space. However, based on this touring plan, it looks like I should use the 3rd one for Spaceship Earth because there is virtually no wait time at Mission Space. Even though I’m seeing this, part of me thinks there’s no way this is right and I should use it for Mission Space. Thoughts?

Side notes:

  1. FEA and Test Track are purposely not included. Plans are to try to get FPP for FEA on our World Showcase day later in the week and rope drop Test Track on that day. If we can get a 4th FPP For Test Track that afternoon, that’d be an added bonus, but not counting on it.
  2. I purposely have MS: Orange and Green both included. I think my 8yo can handle both. I used to be able to handle it, but the last time I tried a centrifuge ride, I felt like I was going to pass out. So I’m thinking DH and DS can do Orange and then DS go with me on Green. I’m guessing Rider Swap doesn’t work if you’re not riding the same version?
  3. I’d originally thought about including Illuminations on this night, since we’re leaving Epcot early on our World Showcase day. However, I’m thinking since we have pre-RD breakfast at AK the next morning, maybe we should head back to the resort early and let the kids get some rest.

Touring Plan: https://touringplans.com/plans/2481834#