Epcot FPP strategy?

I’ve scheduled two days at Epcot, so I have six Fast Passes burning a hole in my pocket.

I’m attending the Frozen Ever After dessert party, so no FPP for FEA required.

On one of my days I’ve booked Test Track and Spaceship Earth. On the other I’ve booked Soarin’ and Spaceship Earth (again!).

Mission: SPACE has no FPP available as they’re not sure it’s going to be operating. (So someone told me.)

So what do I do with my others? I’m not sure there’s anything that needs/is worth an FPP?

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May I ask when you are going? I also was not able to get any Mission space fpp, and had a hard time believing that they was all gone.

Yeah, I had the same problem when doing mine. I would go ahead and just book whatever you can as early as you can so that you’ll be able to load up another tier 1 FP if you want to and if there is availability.

I will say if you are planning on riding LWTL around RD or right after, a FP for LWTL could be minorly helpful at that time just because the Soarin’ rope drop crowd tends to head to LWTL right after - so it gets a little busy right there… by busy I mean you might have to wait for the second or third boat instead of walking on the first one.

Perhaps a character meet/greet might be a better use for a fp than the Epcot FW leftovers?

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I don’t think they are gone. I think it’s more likely they are not released yet due to the refurbishment. I am hoping and guessing when they are 100% sure the refurbishment is completed some FPP will load for August and September dates.

Definitely agree with this if you are interested in doing character meets

The only character meet I really want to do at Epcot is Joy and Sadness, but they’re not FPP :frowning:

They have amazing A/C though! (Didn’t go in, but each time we walked past it was like an artic blast)