Epcot FPP decisions

My window just opened to make my FPP choices and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Should I FPP Soarin or TT? I have one kid who can’t do Soarin, so we would have to child swap it. They’ll be dying to do Turtle Talk right after that b/c that was a highlight of our last trip. I’m thinking about hitting TT and Mission Space (with one or two willing kids) at RD and then doing a FPP for Soarin around 10, followed by Turtle Talk. Or, the reverse of that - hit Soarin and Turtle at RD and then FPP for TT and Missions Space.

Also, do you think Turtle Talk is worth a FPP? I have all boys, who are VERY anti-Frozen, so we don’t need to worry about that one. We are actually planning on skipping the World Showcase this time around, except for lunch reservations at Le Cellier. We are hoping to hit all the highlights, have lunch at 12:50 and then head back to the hotel to rest. We plan on an afternoon there a different day as we have dinner ADR at Garden Grill on another day.

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I think either fast pass strategy you mentioned could work just fine. Both get long lines, and we’ve done them both ways and had fun. I lean toward RD TT and FPP soarin because soarin just reopened and I think it will be crazier even than before for at least a while. But, then sometimes TT is having trouble at RD and foils my plans… Either way though, just having a plan is the most important part.

Regarding turtle talk, I think it’s worth. FPP, if only because there aren’t many great choices in tier 2. Turtle talk can get a little more back up than some of the other attractions because of the seating limitations and length of the “show” and I think it also might spike a little in popularity with Finding Dory coming out and the new updates to Turtle Talk.

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Thank you. I didn’t even think about Finding Dory making Turtle Talk more popular. I think I will do that. My oldest (now 10) was the one he talked to last time, so I know he’ll want to get a good seat to see if I can get chosen again.

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On days when I do both TT and Soarin’, I typically get a FPP for TT and hit Soarin’ right at RD. The addition of the third Soarin’ theater might make the crowds a bit more manageable.

Why not get FPP for both turtle talk and mission space since you get 2 tier 2 FPPs? I think turtle talk is a reasonable choice for a tier 2 FPP. Other good choices are spaceship earth and character spot, if you are interested in either of those.

As for your tier 1 FPP, if you have a son too small to ride Soarin, he’s also too small for TT. So you can get half your FPP for Soarin and half for TT and use rider swap to generate more FPP, so everyone who’s able can do both.

Keep in mind that Mission Space has a taller height requirement than Soarin & TT, so make sure you know how many kids can ride that. They have a nice play area at the exit that your smaller boys will probably like as well. Have fun!

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