Epcot FP

We are heading to Epcot during the refurb of TT. It was TT that I was going to choose for our tier one FP. Should I choose to FP Frozen and rope drop Soarin or vice versa?

Thanks for your help!

I would FP FEA so you can head that way when you’re ready to start WS and minimize backtracking. Soarin is also the easier 4th FP to pick up so you could easily ride it twice if you Rd and stay/come back in the early evening.


I used to FP FEA, but this past trip I rope dropped it and really liked that. It meant I didn’t have to be moving over to WS at a particular time to make my FPP window. With FEA where it is, I always kind of felt like having a FP locked me in to starting WS at a particular time - rushing through Future World or delaying my start of WS to avoid backtracking. By doing FEA at rope drop, I had it done. So I could do Future World for as long as a wanted, without having to worry about getting everything done in time to head to Norway.

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Thank you both for your responses!! They both seem like very reasonable answers so I am guessing you can’t really go wrong :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think I’m leaning towards rope dropping FEA as I like the point you made about then not having to rush to get to WC later!