Epcot FP+

Staying at the Yacht club, so entering through International Gateway. We are thinking of going to World Showcase the afternoon of our arrival day and hopefully getting a FP for FEA. On our rope drop morning at Epcot, which is a better use of a Tier A FP? Soarin or TT, assuming we want to ride both?

I would say Test Track. I’m pretty sure Soarin’ has better throughput since the expansion, and if TT breaks down at all or it rains, etc. the line just gets longer.

Definitely Test Track.

Yep test track every time queue is much slower than soarin

Good chance test track will have tech faults when you arrive at ropedrop with your fast pass which means you can head to Soarin and then use fastpass for test track any other time you choose that day

That’s what happened to us

Twice we’ve visited test track and found tech faults