Epcot FP+ strategy

With Epcot tiered system, would it be advantageous to get a Tier A fb advance reservation only (for example, TT), and no tier B? Then use TT FP at the beginning of the day and get another Tier A same day immediately? It looks like same day tier B FP are relatively easy to come by on a 5 CL day.

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You cannot obtain a second Tier 1 FP until you have used/burned through your two Tier 2s.


You have to use both of the Tier 2 FPP to get another Tier 1. Once you’ve booked and used the initial three FPs, there are no tier rules at all as you get more of them one at a time.

If there aren’t Tier 2 rides you actually want to see you can “tap in” outside the attraction, but not actually enter. If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, the system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after the time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window.


Gotcha. So it seems a good Epcot strategy is to burn through my 3 FPs ASAP then I can select tier 1 same day?

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Advice here has been, typically, that as soon as you tap into your first FP, you try to modify your second to ASAP. Then, once you tap into your second, see if you can modify your third to be sooner as well.

In theory, depending on availability and wait times, you could be through your first 3 FPs in like an hour using this technique, and ready to start getting additional same-day FPs.


Agree with previous posters that you need to “use” your 2 tier 2’s. In my experience, we book our Tier 2s first and then our Tier 1. We have used or let the Tier 2s expire without an issue. It seems that if you put your Tier one as the last FP the Tier 2s disappear easier when they aren’t used. You do have to be in the park though.

I have not moved up my FPs at all, as we typically explore future world in the morning and have had no issues getting additional FPs for my family of 5. Our Tier 1 is usually scheduled for between 11 and 12. I’ve typically seen TT and Soarin in MDE after we use our Tier 1. FEA is a little tougher. I did have to split my group into 2 and 3 for TT. I think we got at least 2 additional Tier ones the days we went, but we explored World showcase and didn’t stay open to close. We went during a medium CL.

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I’m in the book TT crowd and burn off the other two as quick as possible to get another Tier 1. I don’t know why TP recommends Frozen, we waited maybe 20 mins tops for that ride, and it was much more valuable to have the TT FPP…since it goes down often. (…hello, anytime FP!..we got an anytime FP last time when the ride went down and we were just in the single rider line :joy:)