Epcot FP+ Strategy?

I feel like I wondered this last year lol, but I ask again - what is everyone’s FP+ strategy for Epcot if you want to do all Frozen, TT and Soarin? I’ve noticed lower waits for Soarin’ now so for me it’s between TT and Frozen. Looks like Frozen waits still get pretty insane at times, but TT can break down occasionally…but then again so does Frozen lol. Any thoughts?

We go for Frozen FP+ first and use TT single rider line. Soarin’ we’ll ride if line isn’t crazy or if we happen to luck into a FP as a rolling 4th. (I don’t like the new film as much as the old so it’s not as high a priority for me as it once was.)

Single Rider isn’t an option for us but I still think we can catch TT w/ a reasonable wait compared to Frozen…so I’ll likely go w/ Frozen.
My FP+ date is tomorrow morning!! Going over my strategies like crazy, Avatar FoP first, lol!

Sounds like a good plan! Good luck with FoP … I couldn’t get at 60 days but did get last week when they released a bunch more FP+ for it.

This is such a tough choice! We went last year and did not get Test Track. We went right to Frozen at rope drop, and walked onto the ride. I cannot remember the wait time for Sorin. Test Track was down off and on all day. So this year, I have the TT FP at 9:10 and we will got to Sorin first if we think we can get off it and across the way by 10:10. I’m not sure if Frozen will ever fit into the plan. We loved it, but I think we liked Soarin better.

I could be totally off in my approach…

We got a PRD ADR (although chances are epcot is going to open earlier than it currently says), going straight onto frozem, fp for soarin.

Then the next epcot day we will fp soarin and RD TT.

But as I said, I could be completely off base!

As of now I have FEA FP and plan to keep an eye on TT and ride when lines aren’t too long. We are definitely NOT rope dropping that as it’s our leisurely start day with morning pool time (weather permitting) for the kids, day so I realize it makes it a little more complex.

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