Epcot FP strategy

My touring plan for Epcot is a kind of sad. I feel compelled to make it happier but I honestly have no idea what I’m doing here. Please take pity on this poor fool and help me help my plan.

The good: I somehow struck gold and picked up a FEA FP at the last minute. The bad: I gave absolutely zero thought to immediately dumping my soarin’ FP for the elusive FEA FP. As it turns out, the way TP reordered my plan to use the FEA FP, the overall wait time actually increased for my whole plan because the wait time for soarin and A&E meet and greet without FP is now longer than the combined wait time for FEA and A&E was without the FP. The ugly: aside from the other tier one attractions, nothing that uses a FP on my plan has a wait time greater than 6 minutes without FP according to TP optimizer.

The FEA FP is at 11:00am. Should my strategy here basically be to burn 2 non-tier 1 FPs prior to the FEA FP in hopes that there are still some tier 1 FPs left after FEA?

If the answer is yes, do I actually have to check in to burn FPs or does no showing count as a used FP?

Thanks for any advice!

No you don’t have to check in to them. After their hour window has expired it will count as being used.

Do Test track at rope drop. Soarin wait times with the addition of the third theater have been very reasonable. Usually 30 mins or less. I think you’ll be fine.