Epcot FP+ strategy question

Good Morning, I’ve never done the tap/modify then grab additional fast passes or same day drop fast passes before. We are going to Disney over Easter. Our Epcot day is Saturday 4/11, which predicts an overall crowd level of 9 and an Epcot crowd level of 7. We will be riding Soarin’ as part of a tour later in the week. TT is my son’s favorite ride so it would be great to try and get on it twice.

My question is about using/burning the Tier 2 fast passes. We would still love to ride SE and MS and will be there for RD. Right now I’m thinking of booking a FP for Nemo at 9am (burning that one) while we RD FEA, wait for Soarin’ after FEA (skip it if line is huge), and try for a TT FP at 10am (at our 60 day mark). Also try for a MS or SE (which I would try to modify earlier once we tap into TT).

Once I tap into that Tier 2 ride I should be able to try for another Tier 1, correct? SDD at 11:31 for TT and Soarin’? I guess I’m nervous that the Nemo Tier 2 at 9am won’t clear from our MDE. Anyone experience this lately?

Thank you for all of your help!!!

Are you going to actually tap into Nemo, or just let it expire while you rope drop FEA and then try standby on Soarin’? From what I understand, that situation is a bit up in the air - sometimes they clear, sometimes they don’t. If you could make your way past Nemo to tap in without riding at some point in that hour you’d definitely be ok.

You have to use both of the Tier 2 FPP to get another Tier 1. Once you’ve booked and used the initial three FPs, there are no tier rules at all as you get more of them one at a time.

If there aren’t Tier 2 attractions you actually want to see you can “tap in” outside the attraction, but not actually enter. If you book Tier 2 FPP and don’t use it, the FPP should expire. However, the system is inconsistent. They don’t always delete after the time has passed. Best chance of the expired FP falling off is booking them in times prior to the Tier 1 and being physically in the park during the FP window.

If you are park hopping and pre-book less than three FPs, as soon as you tap into the first FPP, you can immediately book your remaining ones (taking you up to three) at any park. You could also cancel one or two existing ones and do the same.

For park hopping, there are no tier rules across parks, only within a park.

Thank you! Have to re-think our strategy!

Thank you. I was thinking of booking one Tier 2 prior to our Tier 1 and then another one after. So, we wouldn’t use the first Tier 2 while rope dropping FEA, but we would then tap into our Tier 1 and then the second Tier 2.

Doesn’t seem like it’s worth it to trust that the first Tier 2 will expire. I’d be too nervous to worry about that!

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It sounds like you are after a second TT FPP at the possible 11:31 SDD. (SDDs are not guaranteed.)

If you don’t have to do the car design, you can do SR. DH and DS were done in about 30 minutes on a CL 5 last month.

If you have Tier 2 rides you really want to do, I would make FPPs for them at 60 days. SB lines for them can be long and FPPs may or may not be available at convenient times.

DS wanted another TT ride. I was able to pick up a FPP at the 1:30 drop. However, the FPP was for 7:30 PM, basically eliminating picking up any more FPPs that day. If we wanted any more rides that day, it would have had to be SB.

And the irony, we had just boarded the car and the ride went done!

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Thank you!

Does anyone think there would be a benefit to having a PPO ADR at Garden Grill? Or is that not really worth the $$ to RD FEA?

Regarding your above plan, instead of Nemo for a 9 am FP+, I would do Living with the Land because it’s in the same building as Soarin’ so you could just tap in for that to make sure it clears and then go ride Soarin’ standby


It’s worth it to get a couple of quick rides on Soarin’ but Frozen Ever After is on the other side of the park so I’d say no.

Ok this is very similar to what we did and worked on January 3rd with big crowds. I had a FP for Nemo at 9 and turtle talk at 10 and FEA at 11. We RD FEA and then made it to Nemo and turtle talk is right by it. You should make Nemo at 9, turtle talk at 10, and test track at 11. You should be able to RD FEA and make it over to Nemo at the end of the FP window. Once u exit Nemo tap and go so both of those FPs are cleared. You could go ride Soarin SB before your Test Track FP at 11:00. Then you should be able to keep looking for FPs at all the drops. We were able to grab Soarin and Test Track FPs same day when we were there.

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So, what if you only book two FPPs ahead of time? If you have a tier 1 and a tier 2, you can’t get another tier 1 on the day of at all even after you have used both of them?

If you stay in the same park, you must ‘use’ two Tier 2s And a Tier 1 before getting another Tier 1.

Thank you @firsttripdisneydad that sounds like a great plan! I think that’s what we will do!