Epcot FP+ Question

I’ve got an Epcot touring plan in which besides the Tier I rides, nothing has more than a 5-10 minute wait. I am planning on fast passing FEA around noon as that is when I think we’d be starting a lap around the WS, but my question is how I can go about getting another Tier I FP+ after that.

Should I burn the two Tier II fast passes on rides early in the day that don’t really need them just to use up my original 3 and try to get Soarin’ or TT later in the day to reduce lines? Or is there another way I can get additional Tier I fast passes after I check in to FEA?


I’d just use them on tier 2 rides earlier in the day. You could book them for before FEA and let them expire, but even if you only save 5 minutes by using them, you may as well, assuming you were going to ride anyway.

The only way to get another tier 1 in the same park is to either use them or schedule them before your tier 1 and let them expire.

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I agree with @missoverexcited. I would also make TT your 4th fast pass. The wait for Soarin has not been that long.

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I typically use SE and MS as my 2 Tier 2 FPPs. Sometimes LwtL.


We do SE and MS too.

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