Epcot FP help

We are planning to be at Universal 12/9 and 12/10, check out on the 11th and arrive in Epcot at approximately 11AM. I have a plan, please tell me if it is wise. I’m going to try for a FEV FP at 11. My TP is to work around WS in the early afternoon and end up in FW in late afternoon, early evening. My TP I’m playing with (along with my pretend FP selection shows I don’t need FP for anything that is not a T1. I’m thinking of scheduling FP for early AM for Turtle Talk and something else similar. My hope is that once we finish FEV, I may then be able to try to score a FP for Soarin’ or TT since it will be earlier in the day. So far (and I know it can change), the CL is predicted 3. I know there would be no guarantee any of those would be available, but does this seem like a viable option?

Some attractions in FW close early (7pm, maybe)
Chances of scoring a Soarin or TT FP on the day of is slim to non-existent - even on a CL3 day.
FW to WS back to FW is a lot of walking.

I’m not even sure you’ll be able to get a FEA FP within the 30 day window. Are you staying on Disney property by chance?

Yes, we will be on property. I will be keeping fingers crossed on the FEA FP, I’ve heard even at 60 days out it can be hard to score. Thanks for the input.

In my opinion, yes it’s a viable option. I’m doing the same thing later this month. Will be arriving at Epcot at 5pm. I have two FP set before we arrive and then a FP to use at Soarin’ directly after we arrive. I’m hoping once our bands are scanned, I’ll be able to book TT. The possibility is slim that I (or you) will be successful, but it can’t hurt to try. Like you said, you don’t need a FP at Epoct for anything other than tier 1, so why not give it a go. My opinion is never say never when it comes to getting a FP - people cancel/change FP reservations all the time, you’ve just got to be the lucky one to grab it. Our back up plan is to get in line at TT right before park close.

There are lots of times available at 60 days but it can be tough to get an early time slot. Make that your priority when you’re booking and you should be ok.

I had no issues at 60 days. I didn’t get the EXACT time I wanted, but it was within 2 hours and it worked out well enough.

Are you booking Turtle Talk and not using it? If you have youngsters in your group, it’s a great show for the kids! Maybe I’m confused!

We are planning to go to Turtle Talk later in day (we do have two kiddos), but even without FP it shows minimal wait. It was my thought, that if its not really going to save me time, I would book them early and let them expire, and then try to score another Tier 1 as soon as we are done with FEA, all the while still planning to hit Turtle Talk later in day.

I’m not a fan of wasting fast passes in the hopes of getting something better. I, personally, prefer a solid plan.

Have you checked to see what the CL actually was for those dates in 2016 and 2015?

It is listed as a CL 3. However, I know at some point this year they will reconfigure the numbers and it could go up. I wouldn’t normally think of wasting a FP either, but with my TP, it doesn’t really help me either to use them later in the day on attractions with only a 5-7 minute anticipated wait either.

Dec 2015, we scanned our bands and walked right in with no wait.
14 Dec 2016 we waited more like 20 -30 with a FPP. No idea why.

I would definitely expect your CL to increase.
Dec 11, 2016 was a CL 6. It was a Sunday.
Dec 11, 2017 is a Monday. Dec 12, 2016 (you corresponding Monday), was also a CL6.

How old are your kids?

They will be 9 and 7 at the time of our trip.