Epcot FP conundrum

I had a plan for my FP but just talked to my friend who’s going 3 days before the FP window and…he has totally different priorities than I knew. So I have to regroup. A big concern is to be able to get to FEA at some point around an 11:45 Traittoria al Forno. We’ve never gone off site like that for a meal during Epcot day. How much later should the FEA FP be? We don’t dare try to make it before the ADR. We aren’t the fastest moving group. Also, he wants to do Soarin and Living with the Land (FEA is just for me and my daughter b/c his priority is Soarin). I think these should be earlier, like 10 and 11 am FP, hoping to get the 11 adjusted earlier once we go on the 10. Is that reasonable?

Trattoria is about a 5 minute walk from the International Gateway entrance. Depending on where you are in Epcot it might be closer than some of the in-park restaurants. Don’t stress about it! We can help!

You want to do both Soarin and FEA? They are both tier 1 fast passes. Can you immediately do stand by at opening for one of them?

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