Epcot FP+ 3rd Choice

Okay, so mid-June, arriving mid-morning (moving over from Universal this morning). I’ve already booked Soarin and Spaceship Earth. For my 3rd, looking at the Seas pavilion when we arrive at the park, say around 10:30. Is it more necessary around that time to FP the Nemo ride or Turtle Talk? Thanks!

I’d probably go with Turtle Talk. I’ve heard that the lines for that show are much longer than they used to be because of FP+.

If you change the date here in your web browser to whatever mid-June day you’re looking at (that link is to a day in Sept), it will give you a good indication of what lines for both Turtle Talk and The Seas With Nemo and Friends will be like. Might be helpful to you.

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I would go with Nemo - the FP for Crush means you’re still waiting for the show, you just get into the holding area a little sooner. For Nemo, you can skip the queue which is very zig zag (and even makes my very wobbly stomach a little woozy).