Epcot Forever, Nov. visit

Brand new here, sorry if this has been discussed in another tread … I see that Epcot is starting the new Illuminations replacement, Epcot Forever, on Oct. 1. We are going over Thanksgiving and have basic questions about this 9 p.m. (on the days we’re visiting) show:
– We have a 6:30 dinner reservation at Via Napoli on Saturday, Nov. 30 … is that outdoor area good for viewing?
– If not, recommendations?

Yes! You can see the fireworks great from there. We had reservations at Via Napoli at either 7 or 7:30 last year and were done in time to watch Illuminations at 9. So with a 6:30 reservation you may have time to explore World Showcase even more before the show.

And welcome to the forum!!