Epcot for the Holidays!

Well folks, it may be the first week of September, but WDW is celebrating Halloween, my local craft store is filled to the brim with Christmas ornaments, and it's got me thinking about the holidays at Epcot!

What are your favorite holiday-related things to see and do around Epcot's World Showcase in December?

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Love the storytellers in WS!! Father Christmas in UK was great! We've seen storytellers in UK, France, and Germany. In the American pavilion we heard the story of Kwanzaa and Hanukah. IMO, the Voices of Liberty should not be missed! Of course, the Candlelight Processional is amazing! Going this December and hope to catch all the other storytellers we missed. Also, different holiday treats can be bought in WS (we had maple pecan bark in Canada). Can you tell I love Christmas in Epcot???

Wow, that all sounds amazing! Did you have a plan for what to see and do when, or did you just wander around and see what you came upon?

We had the Candlelight Processional lunch package (too cheap to spring for dinner), which I highly recommend for a good seat. For the storytellers, we picked up a Holiday guide map. It gives places & times for storytellers as well as the special food and drinks for sale.

This year we'll see Mexico, Norway, China, Italy, Japan and Morocco. I love that every country showcases a holiday, even if it's not Christmas! There's something for everyone and we especially love learning about other cultures. Also plan to try the holiday sweet potato casserole waffle at the Promenade! Like I would ever make that at home!!

Do you have a trip planned for December? It's truly a magical time to visit.

I'll be there the week before Thanksgiving. I know the storytellers don't start until after Thanksgiving, but will the decorations all be up?

Maybe -- thinking about first or second weekend of Dec. We did that time last year too, but missed most of Epcot.

What no Festivus? I would like to air some grievances at Disney! haha just kidding. I love Disney. Actually b/c I already miss it so much (recently got back) thinking of driving down for 1st week of December.

So never been that time of year, sounds really beautiful.

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When we did it last year, we really loved the decorations at MK, and the Osborne lights, and all the windows at Pop decorated by guests. We brought elf hats to wear and decorated our window with tinsel and lights too. And we tried the MVMCP, but DDthen6 fell asleep early on. But it was a wonderful time!!! smile

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We went the week before thanksgiving in 2008. I believe EP had the tree up and the decorations. EP used to have more lights up on the walkway from FW to WS. Seems like I heard it was too expensive?

Haha! No festivus for the rest of us!

Anybody else have some favorites to share? smile