Epcot for NYE

First post! Coming to WDW with twin DD16 and my Mom (77) to celebrate their sweet 16! Staying at AOA 12/30 to 1/3. Have most of our TP set and a ROTR strategy in place thx to y’all!

Will do NYE in EP and would love some ideas and strategy.

Skyliner or Bus for RD?
Frozen or TT and from which location?
(Our FP+ is SE at 925 and Soarin at 1130 and MS at 530).

Any recs on how to tackle WS for NYE celebrations?

Time and place for CS dinner? (Thinking Morocco)

Recs to leave before midnight to be able to get out??


I would Skyliner to EP international gateway and go directly to Frozen. You’ll be done in plenty of time to get your FPP for SE at 0925-1025.

NYE at EP is reportedly quite festive but rather a crush of people. I’m not sure there’s a way to plan well.

If you’re looking toleave before MN you should be good to Skyliner back to resort.

Caution that once you’re in you should stay in as EP does reach capacity on NYE and you may not get back in once out without a TS reservation

This is all based on my recall of others’ past reports. I’ve not done it myself. So if I am incorrect on anything I know someone will straighten it out.