Epcot Food and Wine in October

Are weekends always a poor choice for Epcot’s food and wine? The crowd calendar say Saturday the 17th will be a lower crowd day but other crowd calendars say it will be busy. Most often people say avoid the weekend for F&W so what is the deal?

We were there in October on a Saturday. Huge mistake.

Reason CLs are low is because people aren’t there for rides. People who want rides avoid Epcot on Saturdays during F&W. We mistakenly didn’t account for this. WS, by noon, was horrific. By about 1 it was packed shoulder to shoulder (quite literally). We bailed. Surprisingly, though, FW was practically empty by comparison.

So, if you go on Saturday, stick to FW and you’ll probably be okay. If you want to do WS and F&W, then avoid weekends.

ETA:. It is worth noting that TP CLs don’t actually measure crowds, but wait times. So you can see where that system fails with something like F&W, where like 90% of the people in the park aren’t waiting in ride queues.

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We were there in October in the evening on a Sunday night and on Halloween, which was a Thursday. It made moving around WS very frustrating. Between the crowds and the record breaking heat (for October), I just wanted to leave. My research of menus at the food booths was a waste of time because I didn’t even want to be there. Saturday morning and Thursday mornings were much better. FW was fine.

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Thanks for the reply. This is very helpful info. I will have to switch up our planned days.