Epcot Flower & Garden topiaries


For @Tatty808 :slight_smile:




Thanks for posting these pictures! They are spectacular! And love DDs ears!!


Thank you! I left a day before the festival opened and I missed some of these!


You're welcome @Hi-Ho and @PrincipalTinker.


Thank you for posting these- and convincing me to book a trip during F&G in the future. They look amazing!


You're welcome! We loved it!


Love the photos...thanks for posting them..
We're hoping to be there next year for F&G...


I hope you can go during that time. It's really amazing with the beautiful flowers and food booths.


Thank you so much for posting these @scrapper1617

They actually don't look much different to March. I was expecting more of the colours to have come out. Only Elsa's dress seems to be just changing now. But fab to look through them all and bring back lots of happy memories :blush:


And for those who haven't been during Flower and Garden we highly recommend it! We can't compare to anything else as that was our first time but it was so interesting to see all the topiaries and the small garden ideas. Andthe snacks around the world were AMAZING and perfect for the DDP!!!


You're welcome! My DD22 and I loved the topiaries.


View from monorail (not exactly a topiary)