Epcot Flower and Garden

We we be at WDW for a week the second week of April. First time at Flower and Garden. Any tips, must stop at booths, food items absolutely we shouldn’t miss? Love to hear any thoughts (going on a week night while we are there)

Biggest tip I have: go on YouTube and look up Disney Vloggers’ videos. They tell you their favorite things; biggest thing to note, though, is soooo many of them have different opinions on some of the foods. That being said, there are a couple things that everyone loves and a couple that most people hate. DFBGuide, WDWcouple, and TheTimTracker are some of my favorites, but if you just search 2019 Flower and Garden, you will find a plethora of videos.

There’s also the app “WDW Food&Wine by Small World Code, LLC” ( https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wdw-food-wine/id1037609346?mt=8 ) that you should download. It’ll give you menus, proces, and locations of everything.

Personally, I loved peach-honey freeze at the honey bee-stro. Didn’t really get to taste much else the last time.

Ok, I’m going to get one just to say I went to the bee-stro. :honeybee:
Does anyone know exactly where the Butterfly House is? The brochures just say Future World West Side.

Its usually sort of behind Club Cool. If you come from the main entrance you walk past the fountain, with Mouse Gear on your left and Club Cool on your right. Take the path to the right immediately after the Club Cool building, and the butterfly house should be there (unless they’ve moved it this year LOL).

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that’s exactly where it is!

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The wine slushie at the Citrus booth was delicious!

Now if they just don’t yank Club Cool before I get there, I’m set. Thanks!

I just uploaded a post to my blog with all my favorite highlights from this year’s Flower & Garden Festival (I was there on opening day!) but I’m not sure if it’s considered spammy to post it here. :wink:
Maybe the mods can clarify that for me (@PrincipalTinker ? @missoverexcited ?) before I post the link. :slightly_smiling_face:

A personal travel blog is fine, if the blog is advertising you as a TA then it’s not. Great name btw!


Thanks, that’s good to know! It’s just my personal blog. :slight_smile:

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If anyone is interested, here are pics and highlights from opening week at this year’s F&G festival. It’s my favorite time of the year to visit Epcot, so it got an entire blog post all to itself!
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