Epcot flower and garden?

Are all of the additional food kiosks just in WS or any in FW? We have a Marrakesh lunch at 2pm but will probably be hungry before we get that far. We are in FW until then.

Looking at the current Epcot map, it shows where all the food places are, even the “Outdoor Kitchens.” It looks like there are several at the Showcase Plaza, which is the area of WS that connects to FW. But nothing much in FW - just a Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co., that I can see. http://secure.cdn1.wdpromedia.com/media/wdpro-assets/parks-and-tickets/destinations/epcot/Epcot_FG_0218_Eng_web.pdf?28022018055343 . There’s also the normal QS places like Electric Umbrella and Fountain View.