Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

Just wondering they are gong to have the food carts open everyday during the Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot? Trying to plan our dining that day (May 9, 2016) and would rather snack at the carts than get a reservation somewhere if these are open. Thank you!

I haven’t seen anything that indicates the food carts wouldn’t be open every day. Here’s a link to a blog that’s got pictures and menus from all the carts: http://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2016-epcot-flower-and-garden-festival-outdoor-kitchens-menus-and-food-photos/

Thank you Jen! I just wanted to make sure it was not a weekend only kind of thing. I noticed the crowd calendar was predicting a 2/10 the day we are there and thought maybe them not having this open was part of why it is predicted to be so low.

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Hi. The crowd predictions are only for the ride lines, not for actually how crowded the parks are. So even at a 2/10 there may be tons of people, they just aren’t riding rides. This sometimes catches people off guard who assumed the parks would be empty.

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Flower and Garden maybe my favorite time of the year (well- maybe it is a tie with early December). The carts will be open (they open at 11). If you are going during the week I have found little to no waits in the past (who can predict these things these days?). It is amazing to walk around world showcase, see the displays and sample the food! The BBQ and shrimp and grits are some of my favorites!

Thanks for this post! We’ll be there in April and I wanted to find the menus.

Does anyone have reviews of the food? @MDU? @MooreDisneyPlease?

I like this review http://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/epcot-flower-and-garden-festival-2016-outdoor-kitchen-reviews-florida-fresh-fleur-de-lys-cider-house-pineapple-promenade-urban-farm-eats/

Here is the passport https://wdpromedia.disney.go.com/media/wdpro-assets/parks-and-tickets/tours-and-experiences/epcot-international-flower-and-garden-festival/F&G-Passport-2016.pdf?09032016131209

My DD14 has eaten way more than I. Her favorite was the Shrimp Taco in Mexico. I liked the Shrimp & Grits near France but I loved the Burnt Ends in America! I have heard a few people say the Chicken Fricasee is really good. I need to go back and sample more food.

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[quote=“BackIntoTheFray, post:6, topic:21842”]
Does anyone have reviews of the food?[/quote]

The shrimp and grits has been my favorite item every year they’ve had food booths at Flower & Garden and nothing changed my opinion of that this year. By Disney standards, it has a noticeable “kick” to it, though it’s not overpowering and l like it, I should add that caveat.

My other favorites were the meats from La Isla Fresca (especially the braised beef), the currywurst in Germany, and the macaron in France. I wasn’t blown away by any of the drinks, though the blueberry cider from the UK booth was better than I expected.

If you want to see photos of everything I tried (mixed in with other vacation pictures from early March), then I posted them all on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rowanb73/


Thanks for the review

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The food was quite good this year. I don’t remember anything I didn’t like. Some of the drinks didn’t suit my tastes (the Sapporo beer in Japan may as well have been Budweiser and the Rod Bender Red Ale in the US was disappointing). I’ve also tried a lot of things that returned in the past, so I focused on trying new things this time. I liked the Maple Bacon Porter last year (but, I like most porters and I like bacon, too!) and I skipped the Kung Fu Punch in China, because it was absurdly sweet when I tried it a few years ago.


That is great to know. I was thinking we would almost have the place to ourselves! Ha! Thanks for sharing that! : )

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What do you think of the value of the mixed drinks? For example, I heard the Dole whip w/ rum is about a thimble amount of rum therefore not worth it in my book. Sometimes you feel like you are paying for just a mix and no alcohol. This also can make things ridiculously sweet as well if they are skimping on their pours. Just curious! Thanks!

[quote=“kpc2001, post:14, topic:21842”]
What do you think of the value of the mixed drinks?[/quote]

I’ve cut back on those, because I haven’t been blown away with what I’ve tried in the past. The Berry Tea Cocktail was good and something I couldn’t get back home, but I didn’t see that on any of the menus this year. I had the Dole Whip with rum two years ago and wasn’t impressed with that (it didn’t really blend well, but maybe I could’ve tried to mix it myself). I can also get that in Animal Kingdom (or make my own if I really want) and I try to focus on things I can only get during the Festival.

I did like the mixed drink at La Fresca, which I think was just called tropical fruit juice with rum, and the slush in France was good, too (though, not any better than the slushes they serve all year round).

Good to know. Thank you! I hate to sound like I just want something “strong” b/c that is not it at all. I just hate paying $8 to $10 on fruit juice!

[quote=“kpc2001, post:16, topic:21842”]
I hate to sound like I just want something “strong”[/quote]

There’s nothing wrong with that. You can just say that you’re trying to get your money’s worth.

Absolutely! Thanks!

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